ARTWORK – Information

BRANDING INFORMATION: – There are about 20 + different types of printing and branding processes. Image Solutions has a range of contract printers spread around the country which we use depending on where and what is being printed. Some printers are better at some processes and products than others, so after years of experience we guide the product accordingly to the best printer.

JPG‘s are the most common format for logos that people have – but they are normally low resolution and designed for sending pictures or logos on the www. Because they are low resolution they travel fast. The problem is when they are printed out on a printer they reproduce poorly. This is because of the low resolution.

PDF‘s are becoming more common for various reasons and are more user friendly than JPG’s.

Embroidery we require a JPG as the logo or brand is then reproduced and digitised especially for embroidery.

All Other Forms of Branding we require an EPS Vector File saved as curves. Unless you have a graphic package you may not be able to open this file – so normally this is the one we need.

To enable your Logo to be branded on to any product the ideal format we require is an EPS Vector file saved as curves. Vector files are made of lines and mathematical formulas. In this format we can reproduce the file, edit, resize, reshape, seperate the colours, increase or decrease the size while still keeping everything in proportion and high resolution.

Other file formats such as JPG, TIFF, GIF and BMP are of no use for printing as they are made of Pixels and won’t reproduce cleanly or in proportion.

Sometimes we can reproduce your logo by tracing one of the formats above but there is a small fee for this process. Talk to us about the artwork as it can save you a ot of time and money.