The Image Solutions Difference


IMAGE SOLUTIONS helps you place your Brand

in your clients Hands…

Image Solutions is a Promotional Marketing Company specialising in corporate gifts, branded promotional items, corporate clothing, conference and ID solutions, graphic design and printing options…  And that really is just a taste of the thousands of Products, Services and Clothing Solutions we have to offer.

Image Solutions first introduced itself to the world over 15 years ago, so as you can imagine we really do know our business. Our directors are unique in the industry, – unlike other promotional companies – they have marketing and business backgrounds from highly successful corporate careers enabling a wealth of experience behind them. They understand business and know not only how important it is to build awareness in a highly competitive and often cluttered market, more importantly they also know how to make that happen effectively in your business anywhere in New Zealand.

What we do …

We make people aware of your brand by putting it on useful, interesting products that they can use everyday.

Image Solutions is the complete answer you have been looking for. Our clients love the fact that we take care of everything. From coming up with the elusive “BIG Idea” when you need it, to sourcing the perfect product or clothing solution. Then we apply the perfect branding option. It’s the effective personalization of products with your brand that is the key to building awareness and recognition. Then it is really just a matter of delivering the finished product to you where ever you are.

And you only have to deal with one person.

services such as:

# Corporate Apparel, Uniforms & Safety Clothing

# Branded Corporate and Executive Products

# Branded Promotional Products

# Campaign Development or Added Value Products

# Graphic Design & Illustration

# Basic Printing Service

(Business Cards, Promotional & Conference Material, Flyers and Rack Cards)